One of our first and most durable sticks, our engineering team continues to evolve the SABOTAGE with our innovative stick technology. Adorned in fashionable fluorescent green with holographic decaling, the SABOTAGE is hand crafted from the most durable, lightweight 12K carbon fiber. The SABOTAGE was engineered for performance and durability, featuring a rounded shaft and our geoTECH™ energy transfer technology. The SABOTAGE is available in the popular mid-kick format, which is excellent for generating accuracy and power from handle to blade with laser-like accuracy. 

Our patented DiamondAire™ Blade technology is the first of its kind, 100% carbon fiber construction with no foam insert providing rugged strength and durability, while constantly maintaining the ‘pop’ from the blade over time. This unique technology ensures your stick performs when you need it the most. Additionally, through the use of our patented DiamondCoat™ Liquid Tape, we have eliminated the need for traditional tape, giving the blade the sleek look and feel of the most advanced stick in the world. 

The technology-packed, mid-kick TOVI SABOTAGE thrives on ice, roller or deck hockey and is a must have for players of all levels!

Stop settling for inferior, undifferentiated sticks and transition to the most innovative technology in hockey. Your game deserves the best.