Diamond Club

Diamond Club members will enjoy two custom built TOVI Senior Hockey sticks with DiamondAire Blade Technology chosen from any of our current or future models, as well as, 4 units of TOVI Hockey proprietary Diamond Coat Liquid Tape. Basically, all your hockey stick needs delivered directly to you free of shipping over a 12-month period. It also includes unlimited warranty on blade breakage for six full months and our best in the industry warranty, all for an amazing, one-time, low, upfront price of just $450 for the senior Diamond Club membership, $407 intermediate Diamond Club membership and $325 Junior Diamond Club membership. That is an incredible 33% savings off our regular prices. 


Two Custom built Tovi Hockey Sticks with DiamondAire Blade Technology: $580, 4 DCLT shipment: $40 $620 + free shipping ($50 value) = an incredible 33% discount! Plus, the added benefit of our longer lasting blades for enhanced durability, unparalleled control, superior feel, and increased swing speed.

TOVI Hockey is currently offering membership to this elite club. Club members will enjoy substantial discounts on their favorite TOVI hockey sticks, along with early access to new products, discounted merchandise and our referral programs. Social media shout outs from time to time and members may be chosen for new product testing!

This Annual program will take care of all your top-of-the-line hockey sticks and DiamondCoat LiquidTape® needs. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your membership package, Senior, Intermediate or Junior.
  2. Build your first stick by choosing from any of our top-of-the-line models, Barrage, Mirage, Sabotage or any of our future models. 
  3. Simply make your one-time upfront payment in full. We will ship your first brand new custom built TOVI Hockey Stick with DiamondAire Blade Technology within 7 days, along with your first of 4 orders of our proprietary Diamond Coat Liquid Tape. 
  4. In 6 months, we will prompt you to order your second stick from any of our current or future models, while every 3 months you will automatically receive a new package of Diamond Coat Liquid tape. It's that simple. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Unlimited blade break warranty for six full monthsfor each stick. If at any time during the six months the blade breaks, notify us, return the stick and get a new one shipped to you free.( Best in the Industry)
  • TOVI Hockey’s unprecedented 90-day standard shaft warranty. (Best in the industry)
  • TOVI Hockey’s amazing 30-day money back guarantee when you start, even if you cut the stick down to size.(Best in the industry)
  • Diamond Club members may also be selected to participate in our new product development testing program.